Kenya Moore’s so-called ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ boyfriend married another woman

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?Real Housewives of Atlanta? star Kenya Moore?s seemingly magic carpet ride with ?Millionaire Matchmaker? boyfriend crashed and burned in spectacular form ? over the airwaves for everyone to see.

You recall that the Moore, who has not had much luck with finding a lifelong mate (remember the fake boyfriend during her first season on RHOA???), thought she had found the love of her life with the man named James.


Well, looks like James was already hitched to another woman while he was courting Moore and, worse, he got married just after the show ended.


Take a look at how Moore responds to finding out that the man of her dreams left he on the curb of life to stroll down the lane with another woman:


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President Obama on Loretta Lynch Delay: ‘This is Embarrassing’

Originally posted on TIME:

President Obama got impatient as he expressed his disappointment with Senate Republicans’ delay of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s confirmation.

“It’s gone too far,” Obama said during a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. “Enough. Enough.”

Obama blasted the Senate’s “dysfunction” in failing to confirm Lynch, who is set to become the first black female Attorney General in the nation’s history. A career prosecutor from New York, Lynch has now waited twice as long for her confirmation as the last seven attorney general nominees combined.

Though Lynch received bipartisan support following her confirmation hearings earlier this year, the Senate has failed to bring a vote on her new position. In recent weeks, Senate Republicans have delayed a vote over an unrelated fight on abortion provisions in a bill aimed at providing aid to survivors of human trafficking.

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid threatened to force a…

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Butt Shots Gone Bad: A Gallery of Deformed Booties


Kim Kardashian….hmmmm

Originally posted on Atlanta Daily World:

Atlanta Daily World recently spoke with the former maven of a bootyfake9

boosting business, author Kim Smedley, whose illicit injections of thousands of women across the country turned her into a millionaire but also landed her in federal prison for three years.

Smedley relayed to this editor that the underground posterior pumping phenomenon began as a craze among transvestites, but then bled into the strip club genre and eventually attracted the attention of scores of celebrity females. Before long, urban female lawyers, doctors, teachers and bored housewives were literally lining up and paying stacks to get that coveted “onion” shape that men crave.

The author, now reformed and renouncing the practice, chronicles her experience in the explosive book, The Back Side of the Story.

There have been tragic results, however, Smedley also shared. Even though she was not responsible, some women going to back-alley street doctors for injections…

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Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Reportedly After His ‘Empire’ Income

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If you’re familiar with Terrence Howard‘s ongoing battle with ex-wife Michelle Ghent, you probably won’t be the least surprised to find out she’s targeting his “Empire” salary.

Ghent is reportedly already receiving close to $6k a month from the actor, but according to new documents, that could change for the better for her because of Howard’s huge success on “Empire.” According to TMZ, here’s why:

The deal is Michelle gets 21% of anything Terrence made over $62,500 in the first 3 months of this year. As we previously reported … Michelle says Terrence pulls in $125k per episode — and sources tell us 3 episodes were shot this year.

We did the math, and he needs to cut her a check for about $65k. That’s just from his “Empire” money. Remember, Terrence has another show — “Wayward Pines” — debuting on FOX this year … so she’ll get some…

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On Mo’ne, SAE, & The Burden of Black Forgiveness


“That’s why I pose this very simple hypothetical to those Black Oklahoman leaders that stood behind Pettit: If the shoe was on the other foot, and their son had sung a similarly racist and hate-filled chant directed towards White students, would Levi Pettit’s father be standing in solidarity with one of their Black sons? “

Originally posted on Tyree A. Boyd-Pates:

Mo’ne Davis, an All-American little league pitcher was called a “slut” by a White male college student after receiving a movie deal from Disney. In equally outrageous news, SAE chant leader, Levi Pettit, called a press conference to collect support from the Black community in Oklahoma after leading a rendition of a colonial lynching song.

Although both incidents were commenced by white male students, both incidents became black people’s responsibility, as we were left to bear the burden of forgiveness.

Is it me, or is anyone else frustrated that there is an implicit expectation on Black people to absolve the guilt and racist behavior of white people?

We recently witnessed Mo’ne Davis, a 13-year-old black girl, express maturity in her magnanimous approach to forgive despite being called a whore by an adult. And instead of seeking any kind of retribution, Mo’ne turned the other cheek – going…

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Snuggle up with homemade chai tea latte

Originally posted on The Cayenne Room:

By Sara Mallicoat

Fall is my favorite time of year because we get to slow down again! Summer with two boys under the age of three is exhausting – now that it gets darker earlier, they go to bed on time and I get some much-needed “me” time. Lately, I’ve been using the fireplace and snuggling with my husband for a mini date night in the comfort of our home. After working all day, caring for the kids and putting a healthy and delicious meal on the table, I like to over-achieve and treat us both with chai lattes.


A customized cup of heaven
In many parts of the world, chai is the word for tea. In India it’s a spiced milk tea. It is becoming increasingly popular around the world and is generally made with black tea, milk, spices and a sweetener. To me it provides a warming, soothing…

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Sanford officials: Charah misrepresented coal ash plans

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Some Sanford environmental officials cried foul Tuesday night after discovering public promises made by Charah, Inc. – the company contracted by Duke Energy to dispose of millions of tons of coal ash in Lee and Chatham counties – are apparently contradicted by the company’s own permit requests, which are on file with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

At a presentation to the city’s Environmental Affairs Board in January, Charah officials claimed that the project would restore the project site – inactive clay mines near Colon Road just east of the Sanford city limits – “to its original topography” and that the ash disposal would take place outside of a 50-foot buffer zone from any wetlands.

Click here (and here) to see the slides from Charah’s January presentation to the city’s Environmental Affairs Board which made those claims.

But on Tuesday night, EAB board members –…

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Wikipedia Edits To Pages For Eric Garner, Sean Bell, & Others Traced To NYPD Computers

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Edits to the Wikipedia pages of police brutality victims, including Eric Garner and Sean Bell, were traced to computers operating on the New York Police Department’s network at their 1 Police Plaza headquarters, according to a Capital New York review.

The changes, many of which were edits that supported police narrative, were made by anonymous Wikipedia users with NYPD-based IP addresses, Capital reports. Using a computer program written to search for edits made on IP addresses registered to the police headquarters, Capital succeeded in rounding up at least a dozen NYPD addresses that made “notable” Wikipedia activity over the past 10 years.

In one case, the word “chokehold” was replaced by “respiratory distress” in the “Death of Eric Garner” Wikipedia page.

If you recall, Garner, a father of six, died during an exchange with an officer who placed him in a prohibited chokehold in July 2014. The Capital review also revealed changes regarding the use…

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‘Uptown Funk’ gets the old school treatment in cover featuring ‘funky’ senior citizens


Uptown Funk just went Old School…actually it IS!

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“Uptown Funk” just went old school.

Alex Boye’s cover of the popular Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song is gaining steam on YouTube.

“All the grandmas and Grandpas in this video did their own stunts,” the YouTube description says. “They range in age from 65-92! Between them, they have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren!”


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